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Key Features

track beers earned

Much better than tracking calories, as you hike, the BeerHiker will fill your beer.

Select Your Favorite

Beers earned is based on the beer that you choose - from our extensive list.

Fill the refrigerator

As you fill a beer, it moves into the refrigerator and another starts beer filling.

BeerHiker Main Screen

Gain achievements

The more you hike and earn beers, the more achievements or badges you will receive.

share with friends

Once you complete a hike, brag to your friends - motivating them to get out and hike.

is about having fun!

The BeerHiker is about hiking, hanging out with friends, drinking beer, and having fun.

It is about having fun!

The BeerHiker was created to make hiking more fun – especially for anyone who loves beer! It keeps a running total of how many beers you have earned, has badges and awards for progress, allows you to share your success with others!

Give it a try!

The BeerHiker is a blast. I love seeing my refrigerator fill up with Beer.

Daniel, Random Dude



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